InStone Spas - Bullfrog Spas Dealer - Killington, VT

InStone Spas is a family owned and locally operated small business. Owner Andrew Gieda, started the company with his wife, Maria Gieda, in 2017, and got his inspiration from his long-time customers, who encouraged him to open his own hot repair company since 2014. Hot tub repairs were always very expensive, sometimes costing up to $3000 per repair. That is why Andrew wanted to offer an alternative hot tub brand — Bullfrog SPAS, to the hard-working people of Vermont.

Bullfrog SPAS have up to 90% less plumbing and reduce the cost of the future repairs to an average of $1000 per repair.

InStone Spas goal is to make customers happy with our service, provide an exceptional amenity, receive future referrals due to our quality of work and to compete with other local dealers for every single customer by offering the best quality and price.

InStone Spas Andrew Gieda and Maris Gieda